Administrative Law

Administrative law governs the administration and regulates the government authorities, which in turn act as agents for the executive. These authorities protect the public interest and are bound to act within the constitutional framework. This framework has been codified into statutes such as the constitution of Pakistan and provincial analogs like the law of writs BA’s legal team represents its clients in a variety of regulatory matters before the federal, provincial, regional, and district governmental departments. Our legal team is considered a leader in taxation, corporate and governmental matters.


Role Of Administrative Law in Pakistan

The Administrative Law Team is always ready and willing to help educate our clients on the many different types of regulatory requirements they might face as well as the best methods for maintaining compliance. Our lawyers often visit our clients' facilities to assess compliance and help them develop policies that will pass any audits with flying colors. We're experienced in all sorts of areas when it comes to administrative law, such as permitting and licensing, policy and procedure development, bid preparation, and land development regulations - just to name a few. The compliance skills of our team don't just stop at administrative counseling - we also advise clients on how to prevent criminal conduct and victimization. Our team is dedicated to helping our clients in any way possible, and we have the skills and experience necessary to provide the best guidance possible. The members of the Administrative Law Team have not only worked hard to develop strong relationships with other regulatory professionals, but we have also done so within a variety of disciplines, both in our province and beyond. This allows us to provide the best possible service to our clients by having a range of knowledgeable experts that we can call on for advice Our administrative law team has a solid reputation for being creative and effective when it comes to advising and representing our clients in various administrative law matters. We're proud of the work that we do and the difference that we're able to make for our clients


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